2021 Highlights: Week 17

It felt so good this week to return to regular activity after being sick last week. I worked to catch up on things around the house. Rose and I visited the library for the first time in a couple of weeks. After school, the girls and I played at the park, walked in the forest, and explored the empty lot down the road. We all get pretty excited spotting the growing signs of spring around us.

On Thursday Rose and I made a cake for no particular reason. I’d been wanting to try a sourdough chocolate cake recipe I’d spotted but had no excuse to make cake. Then I decided that 2021 is the year of No Excuses Needed for cake. So we made the cake and then I frosted it and added sprinkles because when you put sprinkles on it, then it’s a party!

On Saturday we had the chance to go out with my in-laws on their new motor boat. Pearl and Rose were SO excited about this and we all had a blast exploring the inlet. Pearl has been eager to try her hand at fishing so we stopped in a couple of spots to cast out lines and Pearl ended up catching three fish! (With support from her dad and grandpa.) All too small to keep but she was very pleased with herself.

And, I’ve saved the best highlight of the week for last which was that Peter received his first vaccine dos! There had been talk at the beginning of April that he would be eligible that month due to his job. Then the plans to vaccinate essential workers were delayed and we didn’t hear anything more until all of the sudden this week he learned there were slots for them and was able to sign up right away. In a moment of small town serendipity, his shot was administered by the very doctor who delivered him!

6 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 17”

    1. He was also his family doctor for years, pretty much up until the doctor retired a few years ago. (He came out of retirement to help with vaccine administration.) So they knew each other. A doctor who could recognize an adult man based on a baby he saw once decades ago would be very impressive!

  1. Yay for Peter getting the vaccine! Also so glad to hear you all have been having a better week, in good health. šŸ™‚ And that cake looks amazing! It’s been a little while since I’ve taken my sourdough starter out of the fridge, but you’re right about no excuses needed for cake these days so perhaps I’ll give something similar a try.

    1. It was a yummy cake and fun to surprise Pearl with when she got home from school! Plus the recipe is vegan and Iā€™m always happy to have a good vegan recipe for parties.

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