2021 Highlights: Week 18

  • More and more signs are pointing to our province coming down from the heights of the so-called Third Wave. Vaccinations across Canada continue to pick up; in our own community over half of the adult population has been vaccinated. First responders and essential workers have been vaccinated here in the past week and I know this is a huge weight off for many people.
  • Sometimes I start thinking about writing this post and it feels like I won’t have much to say. Then I begin to think over my week, look at the pictures I’ve taken, and I always realize how much there is to highlight and be thankful for. Here are a few from this past week:
  • Teachers who do things to include little sisters. Pearl came home with a copy of this little book just for Rose. Her teachers’ are so thoughtful about including Rose in school life in various small ways. I never expected the way they choose to invest into our entire family.
  • The bench is complete! I mentioned our new project a couple weeks ago, of fixing up this free bench to bring inside. I neglected to take a picture of the actual bench but here it is in our house:
The girls now sit here side-by-side for every meal!
  • Pearl brought home a book about beavers from the school library to share with Rose (and Justin Beaver) and it includes this fun fact and picture that I cannot stop laughing at:
I mean, is this really true???
  • The Pig is ready for summer!
  • When your weekly greens are so pretty you stick them in a vase and then they flower:
  • And more things growing in our garden! We planted these strawberries two years ago and they’ve never done anything but produce a lot of runners. This year I pruned them way back and have kept them pruned and they are flowering for the first time! Peas are starting to sprout and this tulip bed has bloomed. It always blooms a little later than the rest of the tulips in our yard. Pearl and I planted these bulbs three or four years ago and there are fewer that come up every year (snacks for some critters, I think) so tulip bulbs will be on the garden list for this autumn. Our lilac trees are also blooming beautifully now!
  • And some random photos from the week of other moments that made me happy.

10 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 18”

  1. Lovely photos of your beach day and garden! I’ve just heard that I am finally at the top of the (two year) waiting list for an allotment nearby my flat, so hopefully I will be getting to do some gardening soon too 🙂

    1. That’s exciting! I’m such a novice gardener that I always feel a little guilty having so much space to garden and not using it when I know many would love to have their own backyard! Last year was my first time planting vegetables and it’s been a very satisfying experience so far!

  2. Those are definitely strawberry flowers! You gave me flashbacks to when I was a child and my mom would decide my brother and I had to pick strawberries as a chore in the summer, and lordy, how I hated all the bees that were interested in the strawberries and flowers, too! But, you also get the BEST fruit because it’s so ripe and sun-warmed.

    That is lovely that the teachers sent home something for Pearl. I would think that if a child were nervous about school receiving nice things would make her feel more comfortable about going.

    Also, how the heck does a beaver walk on its back feet and carry its baby like that?? I’m just picturing beavers tipping over all over Canada.

    1. I’m really bad at plant identification so I use an app that lets me take a picture of a plant and then tells me what it is. It’s been a very useful gardening tool! I love fresh-picked strawberries so I’m really crossing my fingers that we might get a few this year. Makes sense that the bees would like them too!

      Apparently beavers can walk on their hind feet and they use their tails to balance. But I’m really unconvinced that they actually carry their kits around like that but it seems like a weird fact to make up.

    2. Whaaaaat. There are apps for everything these days. Maybe the beaver has an app that tells it when the kit is too heavy to pick up, like when humans toddlers that keep saying, “Pick me up!” and it’s like, look kid. You too big. And the beaver doesn’t want to put its back out.

    3. Where is a beaver even carrying its baby? Where does a baby beaver need to go? Pearl and I have a morning tradition where I still carry her from her room to the kitchen for breakfast but I think its days are numbered!

  3. What lovely photos, how nice to see things green and growing! I’m jealous of your strawberries, I’d love to have some perennial fruiting plants again but we’ve been shifting things around on the farm so my garden keeps moving from year to year, and it’s been annuals only for me lately. Maybe next year. I also adore that photo of Pearl and Rose holding hands going down the street! They look so little and cute. 🙂

    1. I’m all about the perennials! I want to plant it once and have it live forever! I’m trying not to get too excited about the strawberries but I’m hopeful that this will be their year. And I love that photo too! When they hold hands it makes my heart so happy.

    2. I worry about perennial plants over the winter, haha. Any chance to indulge my anxiety, I guess! I also find it satisfying to see the plants grow from scratch, so aside from not having all the exact foods I want, I don’t mind having to replant. I have had strawberries in the past though, and miss them! Best of luck with yours this year. 🙂

    3. Our winters are pretty mild so I hadn’t thought much about my plants over the winter but that makes sense. I do understand the satisfaction of watching things come up from seed!

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