2021 Highlights: Week 20

Highlights of the week:

  • Repotting herbs and finding homes for new plants around the garden.
  • Laundry hanging on the line.
  • First watermelon of the year.
  • Backyard days with my littlest while Big Sister is at school. We have snacks. She plays. I hang laundry and work in the garden and read my books.
  • No pictures but the girls and I fully embraced our final Pro-D Day of the year. I’m not sure if that’s a BC term or not but basically it’s a day set aside for teachers to do extra learning while the students get the day off. In our house that means Peter goes to work but Pearl stays home. After a slow morning, the girls and I headed to one of their favourite local parks. We ran into two friends from church with their little girls who we haven’t seen in months and Pearl and Rose had a blast playing with friends once more. At lunch I ran over to a nearby pizza place and we had a picnic. They were having such a good time that we stayed for hours. We got ice cream in the afternoon and ran into a friend of Pearl’s from school and so the girls wanted to head back to the playground for more play. I had just given them a ten minute warning when our close friends showed up so we ended up staying an extra half hour. It was a perfect small town day.
  • An afternoon at the beach and Orange Crush floats.
  • It continues to be so fun to watch friends near and far get their vaccines. I love the excitement with which people are sharing their vaccine selfies on social media. My sore arm after the Moderna shot lasted about 36 hours. One other side affect that I had heard of anecdotally but hadn’t been officially warned of seems to have been that my menstrual cycle jumped up by a week. Not usually one to chat menstruation on the internet but I’ve heard this from other women so if this is relevant to you, be prepared!
  • And a few other pictures from around our yard this week.

Happy Weekend, friends!

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 20”

    1. Well, back in the 90s my family used to travel to Canada from our home in Michigan a lot. We noticed these wheelie clothes lines everywhere and had never seen them in Michigan. So, both my parents and grandparents bought the kit and set them up at home 😀

    2. So funny the things that turn out to be regional! How do you do clothes lines in the US? Just a straight line?

    3. That’s so inefficient! Our deck is on a bit of a rock so it’s a little higher than the yard and where the far end of the clothesline goes across the yard and I actually would not be able to reach it if I had to simply walk along it. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the wheelie things in other countries; America, get with the program!

  1. Love the pictures. I love sitting on the patio in the late evenings watching the water. Because of the ducks, no more herb garden! I do have pots of succulents and adorning the patio with flowering plants.

    1. Thank you! We used to live on the water and I loved watching all the activity all day. We do get lots of birds in our garden and they.re fun to watch now too!

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