2021 Highlights: Week 22

  • Picking flowers in empty lots.
  • Sprinklers and popsicles in the backyard.
  • This week we paid our district tax and our home insurance, two annual expenses that can leave our bank account feeling drained. I like to take a moment though to be thankful for what they mean. We have a home where we are safe and that we are fortunate enough to own. We live in a community with resources like schools, a rec centre, paved roads, and where we get a say in how things are managed. It’s not a perfect system but we live in a safe, beautiful place.
  • Hammocks and backyard days.
  • Weekday dinners that feel like summer
  • Rose is beginning to write letters. So far she’s been practising the letter R (for Rose) and the letter P (for Pearl). It’s so amazing to watch this development. Her drawings are also starting to take more recognizable shapes sometimes.
  • Steady and continuing decrease in Covid numbers across the province and in our own community. More than 70% of those eligible in BC (age 12+) have received their first vaccine dose and more and more are receiving second doses every day. That light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look brighter.
  • Pearl’s drawing of a ladybug to enter into an art contest:
  • This description of a new day:

Morning comes early and bright as a pearl, and all of yesterday is forgiven.

Thomas King, “Sufferance”
  • In Junes past I have set myself a challenge of wearing a dress every day. I probably own more dresses than any other individual type of clothing (yes, including undergarments). I do wear dresses quite frequently but it’s a fun challenge to choose one each day for a month so I thought I’d try it again on a somewhat more casual basis. When switching my closet over from winter to spring/summer, I set a couple of dresses aside to send to the thrift store, stored 3 dresses away as more appropriate for winter fashion, and was left with 24 dresses to try and wear in June. Since Monday was a work day for me, I decided to begin the challenge on May 31. Here are the results for Week 1:

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 22”

  1. The dress a day plan is delightful!
    I like that you recognise that while no system is perfect you are lucky to live somewhere there is one. I feel the same way about my home.

    1. Thanks! It helps to keep things in perspective – there are things to improve but mostly I’m glad our money is being spent in positive ways.

  2. I remember your dress challenge from years past! However, how did I not know you also work outside of the home? Your blog makes you sound like such a busy bee AT home that I assumed you were a stay-at-home mom.

    1. This is identifying my long term followers!

      I don’t talk about it here much but I do work one day a week at a local bookstore. I really am primarily a stay-at-home mom but I’ve been at the store off and on for several years now.

    2. That’s nice to get out, have a place to be, a good reason to talk to adults, etc. At least, that’s why I’ve heard my mom and other women who stayed home say. The children are lovely, but they’re still not grow-up people.

    3. Yep, those are all things I appreciate about having one day of the week to spend in the adult world! I’m glad to be able to stay home the majority of the time but it’s nice to keep one foot in the working world!

  3. Ha, you must be getting this whole Mom thing under control – I think this is the first time you’ve done the dress challenge since Pearl arrived! Yes, it’s very easy to take it for granted when we live somewhere safe with plenty of advantages – a good reminder! I still resent those bills though… 😉

    1. Haha! I think I tried it once when Pearl was little and it fizzled out within days! We’ll see how I do this time around.

      And I’m definitely preaching to myself about those bills, trying to remember that there are good reasons we pay these bills!

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