2021 Highlights: Week 24

Hi there! We are officially into summer and the last week of school. We’re counting down the days in our house, not because we don’t love school but because we’re so excited to be together as a family every day and looking forward to many summer adventures. Some highlights this week:

  • A story that Pearl wrote was chosen to be included in the 2021 Coastal Voices Anthology. This is a collection of writing from students across the Sunshine Coast, assembled in partnership with the school district and the Festival of the Written Arts. This year there were 900 submissions and 150 pieces were picked. She was so excited and proud of herself!
  • This week Pearl also got to go on a field trip where she went on a school bus for the first time. Thus far, field trips have all been within walking distance of the school but this time they visited a farm in Pender Harbour. Filling out permission forms and riding the bus was a big novelty for Pearl and once again I am reminded of how special this little experiences have become in a post-Covid world.
  • Our big news here is that BC has entered into the next stage of re-opening! One of the big changes for this stage is unrestricted travel around the province. For us this means we can see our extended family again. This week my parents came to visit and this weekend Peter’s brother and his brother’s wife and their kids have come to town. We haven’t seen any of them since late August/early September of 2020 so this has been lovely to spend time together again.
  • My dress challenge continues about the same. Weather was a bit better this week but I still skipped a couple of days. I’m running into the same problem I have in previous years, namely that some of my dresses are a little fancier than my daily life calls for. This week was also my first dress re-wear of the month. What remains to be seen is when I will finally clean this mirror!

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 24”

  1. Ack, I’m so behind on read posts! My apologies, Karissa. I love that you’ve knotted your shirts in the dress pictures. Very late 80s/early 90s of you. The funny thing is, I’ve seen my nieces doing that, too, which means it’s come back!

    What was Pearl’s story about? I’m so excited for her. Knowing someone cared about your story when you were a kid was the best feeling ever.

    1. It feels very 90s but it’s effective! It’s so funny seeing things from our childhood being cool again.

      Her story was about a polar bear who travels to the ocean and makes some new friends. She was so proud of herself! She got a certificate and everything!

    2. When I stopped teaching in the spring of 2018, the students were wearing fanny packs, neon colors, and those tank tops with the arm holes big enough to shove an elephant through. WEIRD.

      Please tell Pearl I said good job, and keep writing!

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