2021 Highlights: Week 37

School is back in session and it’s raining so summer really has come to an end. This week our family transitioned into back to school season. Pearl started grade one! The first couple of days were spent with her previous year’s teacher while classes were sorted out and she told me that it still felt like she was in kindergarten. But by the end of the week, she had met her new teacher and was in a new classroom and was very excited to truly be a “grade one-r”. I’m happy that she has a couple of friends from last year in her class and excited to see the ways she grows and is challenged this school year.

Meanwhile, Rose and I got used to hanging out, just the two of us again. The girls play so well together now that I was a little nervous as to how Rose would handle being by herself. The days felt a little long until we went to pick up Pearl but all went smoothly.

We also have Bella the Dog staying with us for a few days which has added some excitement to our days. I successfully managed after school pick-up with Bella and Rose in tow!

This week also marked the return of our weekly Bible Study group. Long ago, way back in the early days of 2020, we met with 3 other families once a week and ate a meal together, prayed, shared, read the Bible. This wasn’t the first time we’ve all been together since then and we’ve met in smaller formations (these are the 3 other ladies I meet with once a month) but we haven’t done a meal and Bible study in this format since March 2020 and it felt pretty exciting to get back to it. We hosted and it was the biggest group we’ve had in our house since Pearl’s 5th birthday!

11 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 37”

  1. Glad that Pearl is enjoying being back at school! I always think this is a lovely time of year, although maybe it’s just because I don’t really enjoy the high temperatures in summer.

    Our Bible study groups are starting in person again as well – it’s so nice to actually be in the same space as people.

    1. It is a nice time of the year! We’re getting a bit of rain now but it is desperately needed so that’s ok. And still lots of sunny days so far!

    1. That is true! I feel like I am half waiting for activities to be shut down again or to be no longer allowed to meet with others. There’s really this feeling of trying to enjoy what we can while we can.

  2. My mom and I were just talking last night about the benefits of adults gathering to talk on a topic. She said that when she was younger, she asked the priest why they didn’t do groups where families read books about parenting, marriage, etc. and it seemed like he was more focused on getting people in the seats during mass. If I could find the right sort of people, I would love a book club that chooses titles based on a question or theme. The last in-person group I was in kept choosing YA novels, which is not for me.

    1. It is super beneficial! I value these relationships and opportunities to get together so much, both for myself and for our whole family. When Peter and I were first married we were in a small group that studied a marriage book together. I had some major issues with the book itself but the group was great. I am someone who loves these types of small groups so I’ve always made an effort to be in one through whatever church I’ve attended, even if I have to start it myself! I’ve yet to successfully be a part of a book club though. I love the idea of choosing books based on a them or what you want to discuss.

    2. Even if you took issue with what was in the marriage book, that’s a great opportunity to bring up your concerns and talk them out. I hope the group was full of avid listeners!

    3. It was a great group and one of our closest couple friendships came out of it. We joke that it was a trial by fire. We were newly married but the other couples were mostly dating and by the end everyone had either broken up or gotten engaged!

  3. Back to school time is a big deal every year, whether the kids are little or older. I remember my son crying the first time he woke up from a nap and discovered his sister was still at school. Now all three of my kids are attending schools in different provinces… NS, NB, and PEI.

    1. My littlest was in tears one morning because she didn’t get to hug her sister good-bye! They’re both looking forward to the day they are in school together!

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