2021 Highlights: Week 47

This week I’ve been thinking about how far we’ve come since last year. Last November, we were three weeks into what started as a 2 week “circuit breaker” lockdown here in BC and ended up lasting for months. Vaccines still felt like a dream on a distant horizon. One year later, the majority of our province is vaccinated and even my six-year-old is registered to receive a dose before the year ends. It’s easy to focus on the ways we’ve failed, the ways thing haven’t panned out how we hoped, to feel stalled even. But there are things to celebrate and changes being made.

This week was a good one to highlight all that we are able to do. Last weekend, some good friends arranged a grown up dinner party with ourselves and another couple. We get to see these friends weekly but always with all over our kids along too. And when you throw 10 kids in the mix, it’s bound to be chaotic! My in-laws kindly offered not just to babysit but to take the girls over night so Peter and I really got a night off. A year ago we couldn’t eat in a restaurant with people outside of our household, let alone mixing together in a home. Our girls couldn’t have playdates or sleepovers. Peter and I had a wonderful dinner, stayed up late watching a movie, and had a very leisurely Sunday morning. This week also my parents were able to come for a day visit (a year ago, ferries were restricted to essential travel only), which coincided with a day off school for Pearl.

On Thursday we celebrated American Thanksgiving. We’ll take any excuse to celebrate and eat food but American Thanksgiving also lined up with our weekly small group. Our good friend is an American and, being unable to be with her extended family in the US this year, she was keen to celebrate as a group. Pearl and Rose were confused as to why we were celebrating Thanksgiving again so soon.

This week was also my birthday. Partly what got me thinking about how different last year was. This year on my birthday, I had morning visits from two good friends, one with cupcakes, one with a hot coffee delivery. My brother and his family happened to be on the Coast for a few days so were able to come for a visit as well. I didn’t tell the girls their aunt and uncle and big cousins were coming so it was pretty fun to see their faces. They spent the afternoon at our house and we ordered several delicious pizzas for dinner. Peter made an amazing chocolate cake. On Saturday we went up to the house where they were staying and had a cozy rainy day with a fire, a big puzzle, and some games. It was a good time turning 36 and I’m grateful for the life I get to live.

6 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 47”

  1. Your photos always look like you’re at a vacation home. It must be so beautiful where you live, Karissa.

    I love that first photo with the little bunny ears! My heart, be still! Because my birthday is in May and the pandemic began in March 2020, I’ve had two pandemic birthdays. I can’t wait to do something that feels a little more normal.

    1. Well, in the case of the last photo, that’s the house where my brother was staying which is a vacation home, so you’re not wrong. But I do live in a beautiful place and I know I’m super lucky to do so.

      This was my second pandemic birthday too though I guess I could have thrown a party for myself this year, if I wanted to. This year felt pretty normal since most of my adult birthdays have been pretty lowkey. I’m not sure when we’ll return to throwing actual parties for our kids again…

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