2021 Highlights: Week 48

Let’s start with this week’s big news:

Pearl got her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine!

We went in the pouring rain after school. The time slots were set aside for ages 5 to 11 only so the atmosphere was quiet but the staff there had prepped for kids. Some of the nurses wore fairy wings or fun outfits. There were snacks available afterward and a colouring table for the kids to wait out their 15 minutes. It wasn’t busy but Pearl saw a friend from school. After we left, Pearl ate the treat she’d chosen to bring with her – a full-sized Kit Kat bar from her Halloween stash. I generally try not to use food as a reward or a comfort but this felt like a reasonable use of candy.

I don’t mind admitting that I felt a lot more nervous and emotional over Pearl’s vaccine than I did over either my own or Peter’s. I think it is a different thing to make medical decisions for yourself than it is for your child. I am thankful that she is able to be vaccinated and I believe it is an important step to do. I thought about what I’ll tell her one day. Pearl herself was super excited when I told her she would be vaccinated. She witnessed our excitement in the spring when family members began to be vaccinated and she saw us go through the experience ourselves. We’ve talked about how vaccines work and she has no frame of reference for them as anything but a positive thing. When she realized that Rose is still too young for a Covid vaccine Pearl reassured her sister that her being vaccinated would help protect Rose too. I’m proud of my girl. I’m proud of the parents and children in our community and all over who took this step. I was emotional at her appointment not because I felt afraid but because I knew I was witnessing a new kind of bravery from these families and I’m proud that we got to be a part of that. I think one day Pearl will be telling this story.

Some other highlights of the week include:

  • The beginning of Advent! I love this season of waiting and anticipation. Each year I make a simple calendar for the girls where they turn over a card every morning with a little activity we can do as a family.
  • I was invited to share an activity with some other moms I’m getting to know through Pearl’s school. It hasn’t been the easiest to make connections there with ongoing covid restrictions so I was really happy to be included and to grow some new friendships.
  • Rose had her final music class of the year and parents were invited to stay and watch. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the chance to witness a group of 4-year-olds sing and dance together but it.is.cute! So neat to see the things she’s been learning.
  • Pearl got her second official hair cut. (I trimmed it last year but I don’t really count that as a hair cut.) She’s been asking for a little while and we were finally able to make it happen. She is so happy about her new hair, I love seeing it.
  • We had our annual family Christmas tree hunt. The weather the past few days has been clear and cold so we had a nice sunny day for it. We always go to the same area not far away where you are allowed to cut down your own tree. (It’s under the power lines so they have to clear it out every few years anyway.) Some years the choices are better than others and this year was not the best but we found a tree we are happy to have.
  • We made cookies, put on Christmas music, and decorated. Our house is feeling cozy and festive.

It’s now Sunday evening and I am typing this out under the lights of the Christmas tree. Our power was out most of the day due to a blown transformer around the corner. The girls and I spent most of that time with our friends who live nearby and have a wood stove. We made pancakes on the wood stove, sang Christmas carols together, prayed, and just enjoyed being together. Peter and his dad worked to replace our hot water tank, which was a needed but somewhat unexpected thing this week. This week has not been all cookies and Christmas decorations. There have been hard conversations, there has been sad news, there have been big choices. I am thankful for the good and praying through the hard. Hoping you have some festive happiness in your life tonight too.

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 48”

  1. I love Advent too – I went to a Carols by Candlelight service at a friend’s church last night and it just reminded me how much I love this season. Even though I’m not part of an Anglican church with a liturgical calendar, at this time of year I really see the appeal!

    1. I grew up in an Anglican Church though I don’t attend one now. I’ve come to love the rhythms of liturgy and church seasons. And I find observing Advent to be helpful in keeping our family’s focus off the material aspect of Christmas. It’s been a good way to teach the kids about what we really are celebrating even while allowing them to have their excitement about Christmas.

  2. Hurrah for the vaccines! It is a more difficult decision when it comes to younger kids, especially since they usually don’t get seriously ill from Covid. But I guess we’re all becoming experts in weighing up different levels of risk. Does she get a second shot? I think the younger kids over here are only getting one dose at the moment, though it’s all got so complicated now I could easily be wrong! I feel as if I’ve been having needles stuck in my arm every month for a year at least! 😉

    1. Yes, she will get a second shot though not for a couple months, I think. I understand why other parents are waiting for their kids but I also feel confident in our choice. The way I see it, she isn’t likely to get seriously ill from measles or chicken pox but she’s vaccinated against those. I’d rather know that I did everything I could to protect her.

  3. Your last paragraph left quite a cliffhanger, Karissa. Do you want to talk about the hard stuff more but are worried it’s not appropriate content for your audience, or is it that it’s private but you wanted to note that things are not all smooth sailing? Either way, I’m thinking of you and your family.

    1. You’re right, it does! It wasn’t my intention to be dramatically vague. More so that Sunday was a hard day for our family and I never like to give the impression that my life is all baking cookies and cuddling babies. We are facing some conflict and decisions regarding our place in the church and our community and because it involves other people I want to respect their privacy too. Thanks for the good thoughts though, they are very appreciated.

    2. I think decisions about finding my place has guided almost everything I do. It’s quite challenging to navigate. I’m glad you and Peter can do it together. I often try to be strong and get to a breaking point where I basically force my own hand. Such was the case with teaching for sure.

    3. It can definitely be painful. I’m really glad Peter and I are doing g this together and that we mostly see eye-to-eye about the big issues.

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