2021 Highlights: Week 50

Some sunshine, some baking, some gift wrapping. Extra work days, time with friends, new provincial restrictions starting tomorrow. The ups and downs of December, of life in an ongoing pandemic. The joys and excitement of Christmas and the realities of life. All mixed up together.

We are blessed to have extended family to celebrate with and to be able to be together. We are blessed to have supportive and fun friends, to be a part of a community that cares for one another. We’re blessed to be able to splurge on gifts and special food, to have a warm and comfortable home. We’re blessed to have two little girls who are so sweet, who are so excited for Christmas Day. And we are blessed by a saviour who humbled Himself so thoroughly as to live among us. I am glad to celebrate these things this season.

The next few days will be busy ones in our house and then we will get to spend time together and with other family to celebrate Christmas. We’re looking forward to this and to some time to rest. I’ll come back for one final highlight before 2021 ends but I’m going to take next week off. Wishing each one of you a beautiful holiday season, whatever that might look like for you.

3 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 50”

  1. There are some truly wonderful photos here, Karissa! I’m not sure who took them (Peter must have taken the one of you and the girls baking?), but they’re excellent composition to my eye. Thank you for listing all the things for which you are grateful. My understanding of being grateful is diminishing, and I needed this assistance.

    1. Thank you! Peter took a lot of these, especially the ones at the beach.
      I’m glad it helped you in some way. I have needed to refocus on gratitude this week myself. We are headed into new restrictions/another lockdown in our province and I think we’re all just tired. I really want Christmas to be wonderful and magical for my kids and I love it too but it feels at times like there is this barrage of non-wonderful, non-magical things around them. So focusing on what is good and beautiful helps me.

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