2022 Highlights: Week 2

I didn’t take a lot of photos this week. Partly, as we re-establish routines, I am trying to leave my phone behind and feeling released from the idea that I need to have it everywhere I go. Peter got me a beautiful watch for Christmas so I no longer need to use a phone to keep track of time which has been really nice. This week, Pearl went back to school and both girls started some new activities. There have been some extra emotions and some tiredness and lots of excitement. The next few months will be busy for our family, especially for Peter who is doing the final two courses to complete his Masters, while working full-time (and dealing with his all of us!)

Rose continues with her music class and this week started swim lessons. This is her first time ever doing swimming lessons and she was SO excited. She is about a year and a half older than the usual starting age (thanks, covid!) but I just feel thankful that she is able to do this. Pearl starts hers in a few days too. Living on the water as we do, swim lessons are maybe the only activity I will ever insist my kids do. This week Pearl also started piano lessons. She’s been interested in playing the piano for a while and both girls enjoy plunking away on ours. I had considered teaching Pearl myself and showed her some simple scales but came to the conclusion that we would both do better with an actual piano teacher. Pearl is off to a great start and proudly plays her little songs. It’s inspired me to play again too and this week I’ve been practising some hymns I used to know how to play.

This gives me great satisfaction.

I am also working on my own personal rhythms. Long walks with Rose, finding quiet moments in the day, creating some order out of the chaos of life with small children. I’m pleased to share that since the beginning of 2022, I find I look forward to my morning and evening routines. This is, I think, the trick, especially for mornings. Create a routine that you look forward to waking up for. Mine is pretty simple: I have an hour in the morning to drink my coffee (Peter makes it for me, bless him) in bed. I read the allotted Bible chapters from my daily devotional, I pray. I read a chapter or two from a current book. I catch up on blogs I follow. Then I have half an hour to get myself ready before I wake up the girls. Yes, I wake up at 5:30am to make time for this but, for me, it’s very worth it

3 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Week 2”

  1. Love the idea of leaving the phone at home, and also of actual wrist watches! I’ve always found phones intrusive, even landlines, though of course they have s positive side too. But they seem to add to the busyness we all feel these days and make it difficult to fully switch off and relax, and be “in the moment”, as the saying goes.

    1. I love it! I haven’t worn a watch in years but asked for one for Christmas. I hate feeling tied to my phone but sometimes it is a necessity. We don’t have a landline but I try to treat my mobile as one when I can, namely by not bringing it with me everywhere. I’ve also started using the setting to turn off access to certain apps at certain times of day and I like that a lot too.

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