2022 Highlights: Weeks 3-5

Oh hey there! Let’s catch up, shall we?

Here are a bunch of photos:

  1. Quarantine creations by Peter.
  2. Letting them live in their pjs, make videos, and watch a LOT of TV so I could rest and survive.
  3. Dresses and hats from their aunt.
  4. In case you’re wondering what Rose’s personality is like.
  5. Out of quarantine and free at last!
  6. Covid care package sent by my lovely sister-in-law!
  7. Book character day at school. Pearl dressed up as
  8. Of course little sister had to get into the pose as well.
  9. Celebrating Lunar New Year

January got de-railed around here when covid-19 finally hit our household. We had two positive tests and two presumed cases since we were all sick at the same time. Thankfully we were able to manage symptoms and recover at home. I’ve been reluctant to say that it was like a bad flu because I don’t want to feed into the rhetoric that covid isn’t serious but I would say it was up there with the worst flus I’ve experienced. The massive disclaimer is, of course, that we are all generally healthy people without underlying conditions and Peter and I are both fully vaccinated while Pearl has had her first dose.

We are so fortunate to have family and friends who dropped off food and treats and consistently checked in with us. I’m so grateful that we came through it all pretty easily.

I’m also thankful that the timing of it all worked so that I was able to still get away for a night with some friends. We stayed just 20 minutes away at a friend’s parent’s home (they were out of town) but it felt like a little holiday for 4 moms of young children. We tuned into a women’s conference online run by a church in the lower mainland. We ate, listened to 90s pop music, worshipped together, had drinks in the hot tub, and stayed up way too late. In this time when we are not formally part of any church, I realize how much I value my friendships with other Christians and the ability to maintain that community.

As January turns into February we are preparing for a month of celebrations. February holds 2 family birthdays (3 if you include Bella the Dog), as well as Lunar New Year and Valentines Day. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate!

Happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Weeks 3-5”

    1. Of course we count Bella the Dog! Speaking of animals, I haven’t seen Justin Beaver in a while. Is he okay? Biscuit just tested positive, too, and each day seems to be a new symptom. First, a sort of head cold. Then, a debilitating headache for a whole day. Next, a few days of nausea. 😷😔 Because she works in a prison, she can’t go back until Feb 14th, and I’m glad she has to rest.

    2. Justin Beaver needs a little sewing but otherwise he’s great! While Rose was sick I found myself thinking of The Velveteen Rabbit and glad we didn’t have to burn her stuff after she recovered! Sorry to hear Biscuit has been unwell. Resting until the 14th sounds like a good plan though. The quarantine period is so much shorter now that it hardly feels like enough time to really recover if you are hit hard.

    3. YES! I was literally writing my comment and thinking about The Velveteen Rabbit and getting very scary for Mr. Beaver! I actually teared up a little. Glad to hear he is on the….mend? Eh EH?

    1. It’s crazy how many people around us are getting it now, after nearly 2 years of it seeming relatively distant. We were fortunate not to be hit hard but it’s hard to all be sick!

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had covid but I’m glad you’re all okay! I’m also not formally part of any church at the moment, having made the decision to leave my old church rather than returning after the pandemic (for a bunch of non-pandemic reasons), and although I am starting to get settled somewhere new it’s tough – like you I am finding I am very grateful for my friendships with other Christians and being able to maintain community in that way.

    1. We made the decision to leave our church at the end of last year too. For some pandemic reasons but mostly not. It’s been sad and hard but we are fortunate to be able to maintain some of our friendships and sense of Christian community. I know I value it even more now. I’ve been hearing of these types of decisions more and more as Christians seem to be re-thinking what the church should be following the last two years. It will be really interesting to see what churches look like in the years to come.

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