What I Read – February 2022


The Odyssey – Lara Williams (Zando, 2022)

Circe – Madeline Miller (Little, Brown, and Company, 2018)

The House in the Cerulean Sea – T.J. Klune (Tor, 2020)

Jack – Marilynne Robinson (McClelland & Stewart, 2020)

The Lonely Stories edited by Natalie Eve Garrett (Catapult, 2022)

Did Not Finish:

Lucia – Alex Pheby

I picked this up off the library shelf on a whim while browsing one day. I was intrigued by the fact that it was a fictional take on the eccentric, real-life person of James Joyce’s only daughter, Lucia. I probably should have known better seeing as I’ve never loved anything written by Joyce himself and the style was somewhat reminiscent of his. I never did figure out why the sections about Lucia were inter spliced with descriptions of an unnamed first person narrator excavating an Egyptian tomb but I stopped at the chapter where a rabbit was being tortured.

Currently Reading:

Nicholas Nickleby – Charles Dickens

A Kierkegaard Anthology ed. by Robert Bretall

Animal Person – Alexander MacLeod

When We Lost Our Heads – Heather O’Neill

2022 Goals:

Books Read: 17/80

Books Reviewed: 14/17 (Rather than setting a review goal, I am keeping track of how many books I review compared to how many I read.

Translated Works: 0/10

A Virtuous Reading Challenge: 5/12 (All from last year, nothing new to add here yet.)

Books Owned: 3/20 (These are books I purchased myself, either new or used. I’m not including ARCs for this count.) I purchased Jack new when it first came out.

Books from the TBR pre-2020: 2/20 (Nothing new to add this month.)

Current TBR: 234 books (previously 231)


February wasn’t nearly as successful for reading numbers as January was. I could say it was because February is a shorter month but it’s much more likely that it’s because February was busy and sometimes stressful and more than I like I found myself turning to mindless internet time rather than reading. In the end I read 5 books in February and I’m not dissatisfied with that number.

Two of the books I’m currently reading (The Kierkegaard Anthology and Nicholas Nickleby) are not quick reads and that tends to slow all my reading down. I try and balance heavy books like those with lighter reads but don’t always do a good job of it.

Circe and Jack were the definite highlights of the month. Very different books but both thoughtful, beautifully written works on the life of one person (or one immortal being). Review hopefully coming this week or the following for Jack.

What’s Next:

I will probably still be working on Nicholas Nickleby for a while, since it is over 800 pages. I’ve just started When We Lost Our Heads but since both are library books, I’ll be prioritizing them. Animal Person is another one I’ve started recently and am reading it as an e-ARC. Other ARCS I’d like to get to in March include Red Paint, a Coast Salish autobiography that comes out in March, and Heart Broke and What is Written on the Tongue, both of which have April pub dates.

March 2nd is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent this year. This year I plan to read through a Lent devotional by Tsh Oxenreider called Bitter & Sweet. I may also continue the liturgical trend with Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren.

What was your best read in February? Anything you’re excited to read in March? Do you read less in February because it’s sooo much shorter?

6 thoughts on “What I Read – February 2022”

  1. According to Goodreads I only finished two books in February – and one was an audiobook I’d been listening to since about November! I’m reading two big chunky books at the moment, one novel and one non-fiction, so all my reading energy has been given over to that really.

    I’m really looking forward to your review of Jack – I haven’t read it yet, but Gilead and Lila are two of my favourite novels of all-time, so I will definitely be getting to it at the right time.

    1. That happens to me too – I’ll be reading a lot but it’s one chunky book so it doesn’t feel like the same as finishing lots of books. Reading Nicholas Nickleby is feeling like that now.

      If you like Gilead and Lila, then I think you will like Jack. Have you read Home as well?

    2. I haven’t read it yet! Robinson is one of those novelists whose work I carefully save for when I feel like I really need it, since I always find it so encouraging.

  2. I noticed that Laila is also reading Nicholas Nickleby, which led me to adding it to my TBR. It’s spreading like a book virus, lol. Or, maybe that’s not funny in a pandemic. 👀

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