2022 Highlights: Weeks 7 – 9

I’ve shared the major highlight of recent weeks which was Pearl turning 7 but I’d like to share a few other things that have made me happy recently. March 2nd marked the begin of Lent this year and I’m taking the opportunity to do a social media fast and limit my news intake. I found I was really looking forward to it and I hope it will encourage me to spend more time focusing on the good things close to home.

Taking us back a few weeks now but celebrating Valentine’s Day (never one to turn down an opportunity to celebrate around here:

We get eggs weekly from friends with backyard chickens and I love their variety of colour:

Bundling up with a warm drink for a long walk on a cold day and cozy afternoons at home:

A morning at the duck pond with friends:

The new decorations on the pig statue we pass by frequently:

Sadly, I’ve come to feel more comfortable now when people display the flag of Ukraine than when they do the flag of Canada.

Homemade bagels (what else to do with a surplus of sesame seeds??)

This weirdly off-putting ad. What is Ontario planning???

Signs of Spring! Crocuses and snowdrops and daffodils blooming. The days getting steadily longer. The temperature creeping up. The first backyard picnic of the year! “Look,” Pearl told me, “There’s room for 3 on the blanket!”

4 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Weeks 7 – 9”

    1. Oh! So it is a house and not a business. I love it. My brother had a large skeleton hanging from his front porch that would get decorated for the seasons until he bought a rather large dog that proceeded to eat the skeleton. And the jack-o-lanterns. And tried to eat the very shoes off my feet.

    2. I love when people do stuff like that! I never see any people around this house so I’ve never been able to thank them for the enjoyment we get from their pig but I think they must enjoy it too.

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