2022 Highlights: Week 12

Spring Break has thrown my posting schedule all askew so this is my attempt to get back on track. I’ve been reading quite a bit but not reviewing. Will hopefully start getting caught up there next week. Some highlights:

  • One of our spring break goals was to tidy up a section of our house we refer to as “The Lean-To.” It’s essentially a sort of shed attached to the side of our house. It’s not large enough to be a room and it isn’t insulated so we use it as storage – recyclables, camping gear, canned goods, it’s a bit of a dumping ground. I’m also guilty of boxing up stuff for the thrift store and then putting in the lean-to and forgetting about it. So this week, while Peter added shutters to the girls’ playhouse, I tore apart the lean-to. I absolutely filled the back of our car with boxes for the thrift shop, filled our garbage and recycling cans, and re-organized what was left behind.
  • Pearl and I got our most recent Covid shots! Her second dose and a booster for me. We were both eligible in January but that coincided with our family bout of covid; then prevailing wisdom seemed to suggest waiting a little longer if you actually had covid. I’m glad to be all up to date for both of us now and it was nice that we were able to go together.
  • The time change and the arrival of spring are bringing more light into our lives. The extra daylight makes me so happy!
  • We visited our local cidery for drinks and dinner. It’s quite a local gathering spot as witness by the fact that we knew over half of the other people there. It was lovely to head home, the girls on their bikes, and it wasn’t even dark out.
  • We haven’t hiked as much recently but headed out to the local trails again this week. The girls hiked without complaint and had a great time visiting a beaver pond, exploring a dock, and circumnavigating a lake.

8 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Week 12”

  1. Now you’re in tidying mood, would you like to pop over and deal with what I misleadingly refer to as my spare room? I’ll give you chocolate… 😉

    1. Hahaha! I just cleaned out my dishwasher filter so I think I’m done for the month. Though the promise of chocolate is tempting…

  2. If there was a place in the whole world that I could visit, it would be with Karissa and Pearl. The details are so vivid. You actually feel and hear the sounds. Thank you for taking me to a place of love of family as a child. I appreciate even more the times my childhood memories. It is the simple things about canning, kicking the water in a puddle, smells from the kitchen … thank you both.

  3. Oh-wow, Rose is getting so big! I can see it in those last pictures! I know in the U.S. they tell folks to wait three months for a vaccine if you just had covid because having covid also provides future protection. It just goes away pretty quickly.

    1. That’s what they’ve recommended here too. When we had Covid in January though they hadn’t made those recommendations yet so I felt really weird cancelling our appointments. But my brother-in-law does medical-type research and had been reading the latest studies and that’s what he recommended we do. I am glad to get us all up-to-date now with mask mandates gone.

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