2022 Highlights: Week 22


After I worked a half day, Peter and I went out for dinner with friends and then to watch Top Gun: Maverick at the local cinema. Top Gun was the first movie Peter and I ever watched together after we started dating because he was aghast that I’d never seen it. When Tom Cruise announced that Maverick wouldn’t be released direct to streaming, Peter declared that watching it in the movie theatre would officially mark the end of this pandemic.

While Covid-19 certainly didn’t end Saturday night it did feel good to do something as normal as eat out with friends and watch a movie. For those curious about the film, it’s exactly what you would want from a Top Gun movie. It’s light and fun and, yes, Tom Cruise still wears jeans while playing beach sports.


We’ve been visiting a new (to us) church this past month and every week when the girls ask if we can go back, I just feel so happy and thankful.


Another mom told me that her kid named Pearl as one of the kind kids in class and let me tell you, that was one of my proudest parent moments thus far.


After a sick day last week, it was nice to return to our normal Tuesday routine. Rose and I visit the library and she has her music class. I ran into a friend unexpectedly who I hadn’t seen in a while and had a chance to catch up.


The beginning of June means the return of my annual dress challenge! This is where I attempt to wear all of the dresses I own in the month of June. This year my dress count is 23. There are two that will probably go direct to the thrift store pile so I’ll aim to wear 21 dresses.

We’ve had a very cool and wet spring so I hadn’t even pulled out my warm weather clothes from the back of my closet. Wednesday was a work day for me and I do often wear dresses to work anyway.

The Dress:

With cardigan because, you know, cold. And with mask so you can really see what I look like at work! This dress (and the cardigan) were both thrifted.


The sun made an appearance and I managed to plant some seeds in the garden. We had dinner with friends.

The Dress:

The weather flip-flopped between sun and rain and turned hot and muggy so I lost the leggings before the morning got too far along.

I bought this dress the summer after Pearl was born when my usual clothes still didn’t all fit. It’s looser on me now but I still like how simple and comfortable it is. And it reminds me that it’s good to buy clothes for the body you have now, not the one you might one day have.


Things I did while on hold with the credit card company:

  • Read 4 books with Rose.
  • Had a tea party.
  • Folded all our family’s clean laundry.
  • Baked 2 dozen cookies (start to finish).
  • Fed Rose lunch.

1 hour and 54 minutes. That’s how long I was on hold for. It was almost exactly an hour before I talked to a person about the charges on our card that I didn’t recognize. She seemed skeptical that I was 100% confident of my husband’s online transactions and firmly told me that if the charges turned out to be real ones we would have to pay. I insisted they were fraud and she transferred me to another department. Approximately 39 more minutes on hold before I spoke to someone else who listed out a bunch of other charges I didn’t recognize and that had been prevented from going through. So I guess the highlight here is not having to pay for some scammer’s purchases? And the chocolate chip cookies.

The Dress:

There was thunder rumbling as I took my seedlings outside on Friday morning. (I bring them in at night because it’s still cold.) it then proceeded to absolutely pour rain. I walk with the girls to take Pearl to and from school everyday so this worked as a rainy day outfit.

This dress is from Old Navy. I bought it new probably about six or seven years ago. It probably doesn’t really count as a dress because I wouldn’t wear it without leggings but, oh well.

4 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Week 22”

  1. Haha, that’s got to be a record for a phone call! These companies are incredible – they’re keen on our business but then make it impossible for us to contact them! You were so productive though – usually I just sit and mutter curses… 😉

    1. I actually spent 40 minutes on hold on a previous day and then had to hang up to get Pearl from school. So I was determined to not let them win this time! Thank goodness for speaker phone so I could set the phone down!

  2. That lil drawing of the Garden of Eden is so precious! I was happy to hear Val Kilmer was in Top Gun. He hasn’t worked in ages because he’s had throat cancer for years. He actually cannot speak anymore, so they digitally added his voice, I believe from the original Top Gun movie, though I could be wrong on that. I want to read his memoir, I’ll Be Your Huckleberry.

    1. It was nice to see him in it. They don’t spell it out but essentially his character also has throat cancer and they incorporate that in. The relationship between the two characters is nicely done.

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