What I Read – July 2022


The Eighth Life – Nino Haratischvili (Scribe, 2019) (translated from the German by Charlotte Collins & Ruth Martin)

Sorrow and Bliss – Meg Mason (Harper Perennial, 2022)

Uh…that’s, uh, that’s it.

Did Not Finish:

Shimmer – Alex Pugsley

I had an e-ARC of this short story collection and I’m generally able to forgive a lot in story collections. I got through the first story, which had a lot (A LOT!) of swearing but when I started on the second story and found that it also had a lot of swearing, I decided to DNF. Your mileage may vary but I’m not that into swears.

Currently Reading:

Joan – Katherine J. Chen

Liturgy of the Ordinary – Tish Harrison Warren

The Human Factor – Graham Greene

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

2022 Goals:

Books Read: 51/80 (2 in July)

Books Reviewed: 45/51 (2 in July)

Translated Works: 5/10 (The Eighth Life translated from German)

Books Owned: 7/20 (none in July)

Books from the TBR pre-2020: 11/20 (none in July)

Current TBR: 232 (previously 232)


Can I defend myself by saying that at least I’m consistent? Summer is not a strong reading time for me. My schedule’s all out of whack, we’re on holiday, the kids are around. I don’t get the reading done that I do at other times of the year. Also, in my defense, one of the books that I did read this month is over 900 pages long.

That said, the two books I read in July were excellent. There will be a review of The Eighth Life on Wednesday and one of Sorrow and Bliss (hopefully) next week. Two new to me authors I’m really happy to have been introduced to. I’m also quite enjoying all my current reads.

What’s Next:

My less than stellar reading output for July means I’m woefully behind on my 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge. 3 of the 4 books I’m currently reading will count toward my list but even once I finish those I still have 10 more on my list. Will I read 10 books in August? Maybe! (Probably not.)

We’ve got some more camping coming up so I’ll be bringing along some books from my own shelf (in case they fall overboard on the kayak). Choosing simply based on size and weight, I think I’ll bring along The Sympathizer and The Baron in the Trees. Once I finish Joan I’ll start on How to Fall Out of Love Madly which is an ARC that releases this coming week. That’s probably optimistic enough for August.

Here’s my complete 20 List: (6 out of 20 read)


An Island – Karen Jennings

1000 Coils of Fear – Olivia Wenzel

Joan – Katherine J. Chen (currently reading)

How to Fall out of Love Madly – Jana Casale

Ghost Eaters – Clay McLeod Chapman

Library Books: (I left 2 blank spaces originally and have filled one with Sally Rooney and the other with Nino Haratischvili)

City of Thieves – David Benioff

Fleishman is in Trouble – Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Five Tuesdays in Winter – Lily King

Beautiful World, Where Are You – Sally Rooney

The Eighth Life – Nino Haratischvili

Owned Books:

Life & Holiness – Thomas Merton

The Human Factor – Graham Greene

The Sympathizer – Viet Thanh Nguyen

Liturgy of the Ordinary – Tish Harrison (currently reading)

Pastoral – Nevil Shute

The Cocktail Party – T.S. Eliot

The Tiger’s Wife – Tea Obreht

The Breadwinner – Deborah Ellis

The Story of a Marriage – Andrew Sean Greer

The Baron in the Trees – Italo Calvino

11 thoughts on “What I Read – July 2022”

    1. Yes, a few years ago when it was first out in hardback! An absolute giant of a book in that format. I really enjoyed it and have recommended/sent it to lots of people since!

  1. Hey, a translated work might count for more! Sometimes they’re hard to get into, depending on the translator. Also, Elle pointed out that it’s a huge book. I wonder if some day there might be a variation on 20 Books of Summer that is page numbers instead of books. I wonder because when I was doing the challenge, I loaded the reading list with very short books. This works out early on, as you read them quickly, then backfires as all the reviews that need to be written sit in the queue, lol.

    1. Counting page numbers would definitely boost my count. I didn’t have trouble getting into this one and the translation (I think) was really good. I brought this book with me on our road trip in July and it wasn’t super practical for reading at a campsite or while out and about because it was just so physically large!

    1. Yes, I just finished it recently and it was my first time reading it! I’d seen a TV version of it before, I’m sure, but I’d forgotten the ending so that completely caught me by surprise! It made for a very satisfying read!

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