(Point Form) Book Review: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

  • Loved this book.
  • Who is the main character? I’m not sure and I don’t even care.
  • Ponzi scheme set in 2008 inspired by Madoff
  • Vincent is an amazing main character – she’s smart and vulnerable, fluid and changing but consistent in her basic character. She feels real.
  • The setting of a remote luxury hotel located on the north end of Vancouver Island felt true-to-life. Those places do exist here.
  • The book has lots of different pieces and characters and it isn’t immediately clear how they all fit together. But the author reveals her hand slowly and steadily and it never feels like information is being withheld.
  • I listened to this on audio and the narration was fantastic. I am going to look for Sea of Tranquillity on audio too.

6 thoughts on “(Point Form) Book Review: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel”

  1. I tried Station Eleven and just did not get on with it. The story kept leaving the present and going on about a relationship that I cared not a wink about. However, that seemed to be the aspect MOST readers enjoyed! I also could not tell who the main character was in that book, either.

    1. This is probably not the book for you then. The plot is different but it has a lot of similarities to Station Eleven in how it tells a story.

  2. I liked this one too, and Sea of Tranquility, although they are both different (even though they have some recurring characters). I want to go to the Glass Hotel on the coast of BC, it sounds beautiful! LOL

    1. I’m really excited to read Sea of Tranquility now! The setting of the hotel in this one is so well done – I know it’s fictional but there really are luxury places like that hidden away in remote spots on the west coast!

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