2023 Highlights: Farewell Winter

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer. Spring is officially here and we’re on spring break! It’s still March so we definitely have some cold, rainy days ahead of us but it’s lovely to see the light after 5pm.

As I said, it’s spring break around here but before I share about our recent adventures, I thought I’d clear out some wintery photos.

The girls were feeling their outfits on this morning and of course Justin Beaver had to join in for the photoshoot. When did my kids get so big!!?

Some shots from snowy days in February.

Sometimes, when Pearl has her piano lesson, Rose and I hide out in my room and take pictures of each other.

Self-portrait, taken on Pearl’s 8th birthday, remembering all the terror and beauty and exhaustion of that time.

Rose dressed up and wanted a photo.

Evidence of school work sent to us by Rose’s teacher. She’s working on sins at school – everything they say about public school is true!!

Happy spring! Hope the sun is shining today wherever you are!

8 thoughts on “2023 Highlights: Farewell Winter”

  1. Autumn here and we had a huge, sudden storm this morning with thunder, lightning and torrential rain. By this afternoon the day had become warm and sunny. The smell of our next door neighbour’s bbq’d sausages wafted over the fence at teatime. Melbourne is known for four season in one day.

    1. Sounds dramatic! We’re still having lots of rain and likely will for the next couple of months. Thunderstorms are rare here though so that sounds very exciting to me!

  2. It is just so rainy and grey and blah here. I could stand a sunbeam for sure. Instead, I’m just aimlessly grumpy right now! I keep texting my friend Ashleigh, “I’m grumpy today!” and I think that’s just the theme right now.

    1. Every year about this time I think about a conversation with a friend where I told her, “I think I’m a better mom when it’s sunny.” Her response was, “I think we’re all better humans when it’s sunny” and I think that’s very, very true!

    2. Today I learned a sign for what happens to our personalities when the weather keeps changing! LOL, I love when conversations match up in different areas of my life.

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