Day 5 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


The Dress: This Joe Fresh dress was a Chilliwack thrift store find. I love the soft simplicity of it. The top part is cotton and the skirt is silk.

You can see the divide here:


That also highlights my awesome paper bead necklace that a dear friend brought me from Uganda. I love colourful jewellery when wearing black. I wore my glass rose earrings that I bought in Venice last summer too but didn’t get a picture of them. Just trust me when I say they’re awesome.


Dresses with pockets are wonderful!

I don’t love where the waist falls on this one. It’s noticeably above my actual waist and so it tends to poof out around my hips. I think the fit of the top part balances it out though and, since this is a casual, summer dress, I don’t worry about it too much.

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