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Our local paper comes out once a week and covers news and events from Gibsons to Pender Harbour. My favourite section each week is the RCMP report. This column details crimes and misdemeanours that have taken place on the Coast. Generally, it’s a lot of traffic issues – drunk drivers, car accidents, an elderly person who gets confused while driving. What I enjoy about it is the lack of hardcore crime it displays. It’s usually petty thefts – like the attempt to steal a huge propeller on display in someone’s yard – or petty incidents like the teenager caught uprooting a shrub and throwing it into the street (the officer who caught him made him replant the shrub and then called the teen’s parents). These are submitted by the local Mounties and sometimes the write-ups are simply delightful. Like the one where a motorcycle hit a deer and “the deer fled the scene”. This week was a good one:


In other good local news – the forest fire is 100% contained! I believe there is still some ground burning that will probably not be completely out until we get a good rain but it will continue to be monitored. In the meantime, the air quality advisory has been lifted, which Pearl and I are very happy about! Our whole community is so thankful for the firefighters and tree fallers who have worked to contain this fire. We are still under strict water restrictions and there are still many other fires burning across our province and in the prairies. I’ve never seen a July so dry.

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