Happy New Year (with an emphasis on the Happy)

2016. Whoa.

After Peter and I came home from celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Day with family, we spent an evening over a bottle of wine, talking about what 2016 might look like for us. Neither of us are big on resolutions but we set some goals (somehow that feels different from resolutions but maybe that’s just me?). We talked about what changes might come this year and what our day-to-day life might look like. 2015 held some big stuff for us and so as we enter a new year (and the new decade of our thirties!) we agreed that we are happy and thankful for our current lives. We don’t foresee any major life changes in 2016 and we are both totally okay with that. We don’t plan on moving, we are hoping to make a couple of small trips but no big vacations. No major purchases (do tires for our car count?). We have so much. We love each other. We love our little girl. We are blessed to live in our own home in a community we love.

Pearl will continue to grow and we will continue to learn how to parent her. I can hardly believe she’ll be one so soon! Peter will likely be doing some more schooling on top of his current full-time work. I’m transitioning back into working a little bit. (I might share more about that – it’s new and I’m still sorting out my feelings.)

Our goals for 2016 are small. Making time for each other. Spending more time reading the Bible (together and separately), praying, Bible study. Figuring out ways to serve our community. Taking care of ourselves physically. We’ll keep figuring out what each of these will look like. I want to be better at starting my day in Scripture. I want to keep reading lots (though I suspect I won’t read as many books in 2016 as I did in 2015 and that’s okay). I want to spend lots of time outdoors with Pearl. I want to snack more healthily (says I, as I chow down on a bag of Mini Eggs!) I want to kiss my husband every day and sniff the top of my baby’s head and read good books and get enough sleep and let go of unnecessary worry.

1 thought on “Happy New Year (with an emphasis on the Happy)”

  1. I fully support all of those goals! Feeling happy about your life is one of the best feelings.

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