The Privilege of Right Now

Some days, for a variety of reasons, sleep doesn’t come easily for this little one.


And while most mornings now I wake to realize that she hasn’t cried out for me at all in the night, some days I work hard and long to get her to take a nap.

I know there will come a time when Pearl’s favourite spot to sleep won’t be in my arms and I’ll miss the smell of her skin, the soft fluff of her hair, the way she snuffles in against me and her breathing calms and her head slumps against my arm. One day there will be a last time that she falls asleep in my arms and I won’t even realize it. So when the nights feel long and naptimes feel like a battle, I remember this. The privilege of right now. The long nights that pass so quickly and the gift I get to experience right now. For right now.

(But she’s napping right now and I’m thankful for that too!)

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