30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 3


Tried for photos today while Pearl was awake. (She is not wearing a dress.)

My dress is from Old Navy. (I think it’s still on sale.) It’s linen so it has a nice weight. I ordered it in a tall so that it would be more “Mom-appropriate”. Old Navy’s vanity sizing drives me crazy though.

The weather is unpredictable today so I threw on my old Bluenotes jacket. I had planned on wearing sandals but with the overcast skies I ended up wearing shoes that you can’t see anyway.


And here’s the dress without the jacket and with Pearl’s confused face.


And here’s Pearl and I cuddled up, ready to head out.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 3”

  1. Linen is quickly becoming one of my favourite fabrics. I’ve never owned anything in it before this year, but I have a couple tops and shorts that I love!

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