30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 4


(See previous years here and here.)

If I had thought ahead, I would have taken pictures first thing in the morning today – before we headed out to the beach where I sat in the sand with Pearl, waded through the waves, and generally had a fantastic time and came home with my dress wet and sandy. But that’s the joy of a simple cotton dress. You can wear it anywhere and then you can wash it.


This was a thrift store find in Washington a few years back and I’ve worn it a lot since. It was one of three dresses I took when we travelled through Europe and I’ve been able to dress it up a little or down (or dress it weigh down, as in with flip flops like today).

Pearl got to wear her little sun suit for the first time today and loved playing at the sandbar. She made some mean sand piles, splashed in the shallow tide, and watched Bella the Dog fetch sticks. Fingers crossed it means an extra long sleep tonight!

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