2021 Highlights: Week 44

  • Old news now, I guess, but this week started off with Halloween and, uh, look how cute my kids are!
Elsa and Aurora
  • Last year, we opted out of trick-or-treating so it felt extra exciting to join in this community event again. We joined our good friends who live around the corner and the kids had a blast. We were out for about an hour and they got so.much.candy. I was blown away by the generosity of our neighbourhood. Multiple full candy bars and multiple houses gave out little packages with treats all together. I didn’t grow up trick-or-treating door-to-door and I don’t love scary things or being scared but I find Halloween to be a great opportunity to meet our neighbours and be reminded that we live together in community. Some places really go all out but I’ve found that people are very respectful and kind when they see we have little kids and will pull back on the scary stuff.
  • Another great neighbourhood moment came for me later in the week as Rose and I were on our way to pick Pearl up from school. As we passed a woman working in her garden, I greeted her and she said hello and then, “Is it 2:30 already?” I’ve mentioned before how I enjoy seeing the daily rhythms of our neighbourhood as I walk to and from school each day but I’d never given much thought to the fact that I am also a daily sight for my neighbours.
  • Mid-week I felt myself coming down with the cold that the girls had last week. I was scheduled to work but a co-worker kindly offered to cover for me. My in-laws also came to the rescue by helping with the kids that day and I took a real rest day, at home, by myself. It was amazing how much better I felt with some actual rest.
  • Flu shots! Maybe not the most fun event but I’m thankful for vaccines and the ease of access we have to them in our community. Our whole family got our annual flu shots together this week.

10 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 44”

  1. Ugh! Don’t mention flu shots! I had mine this morning and they decided just to stick the Covid booster in my other arm while I was there. I’m waiting to see if I get two different sets of side-effects or if it’ll all just amalgamate into one big one! I feel like a science experiment… 😉 The girls look great, and remind them that if they got too much candy they can always send the excess to me… 😀 🎃

    1. On the one hand, that would be sort of convenient… My arm was surprisingly sore after my shot this weekend and my second dose of the covid shot left me super sore so I would have been pretty useless if I got both at once. Hope you’re feeling okay in the aftermath!

  2. Awww, where did Pearl get that bunny! I was just thinking yesterday how it was common to wear snow gear when we went trick-or-treating when I was a kid and how I was so mad to cover my costume. Now it’s quite warm out. You win some, you lose some with climate change!

    I got my flu shot, too. I heard on the news they’re expecting a rough flu year. Before COVID I never really thought about how hundreds of thousands of people die of the flu each year. It’s mostly something I want avoid so I don’t have to suffer a few days, but now I’m more aware. I’ve gotten it regularly since 2013 because I worked with college students. And now I am one. College students are germ-ie, lol.

    Now the conversation about kids and COVID shots is out there, and I’m so glad. I’m very on the fence about the booster shot because I don’t meet the criteria for a booster, yet I double checked with my doctor because a college campus is considered high risk. We’re all vaccinated, though. She said not to get the booster. Well now they’re talking about getting the booster approved for everyone, so I have no clue. The booster is the one part of this (in terms of advice from medical people) that has me puzzled a little. You guys just got your COVID shots, though, so that conversation probably isn’t on the table.

    I hope you don’t mind that I write so much on your highlight posts. I always feel like old friends chatting in this space.

    1. Isn’t it cute! Our friends have a few bunnies and we had a backyard visit with them last weekend. Our big Halloween costume issue here is rain so we were glad that the day was so clear. It’s not usually snowsuit cold yet in October here though it was warmer this year than we’ve had in previous years. This week has been crazy storms so definitely still climate change happening!

      Honestly, I never used to get the flu shot either and I never thought much about the need to. I got it for the first time in 2014 when I was pregnant with Pearl and I’ve gotten it every year since and the girls have always gotten theirs. I don’t remember much push for vaccines when I was in university, even living in a dorm, except for meningitis. But yeah, college students are germ-ridden! There hasn’t been much talk here yet about the COVID boosters. I think they’re being given out in care homes but not much beyond that. I feel like by the time they get to me there will be more information so I can decide then. I kind of expect it to be like the flu shot, in that we may end up with an annual covid booster. I think I’m okay with that. The covid shot isn’t yet approved for kids 5-11 in Canada though likely will be soon. It’s funny, I’ll be glad when it’s available and I know that I will vaccinate my kids when I can but I feel a lot more nervous about it than getting my own shot.

      I don’t mind at all! I enjoy our little virtual chats too!

    2. When I went to a big state college with around 25,000 you had to have your basic vaccines like you do when you go to public school. When I went to Notre Dame, I had to get a bunch more vaccines. I assumed part of it was that so many students are international, so they’re trying to make sure students are protected from each other. For the first time that I’ve ever heard of, Notre Dame students are required to get the flu shot this year, for which I am glad because I’ve heard it’s going to be a tough flu season.

      My brother asked his four kids (ages 12, 11, 5, and 4) who wants the COVID shot, and the two littles both wanted it. Why? You get a sucker afterward, lol. I hope he’s not just leaving it up to the kids (I don’t think he is) and is more so bringing up the conversation.

    3. So this is actually an interesting difference between Canada and the US – you aren’t required to have any vaccines here to attend public school. As far as I know, no vaccine mandates exist around education here. It’s obviously recommended but I’ve never been required to get a vaccine for myself or my children.

      Peter and I talked about whether we would pose this question to our kids and ultimately decided we wouldn’t. My personal feeling is that they’re too young to have an opinion that isn’t just a repeat of ours. We talk about vaccines pretty enthusiastically, we explain how they help us, and the girls saw how excited we were to get our own shots so I don’t think they would be able to formulate a reason NOT to get the shot. I can definitely see having those conversations with older kids though (and younger kids joining in when you have a range of ages!). Pearl and Rose got stickers after their flu shots and there are toys to play with in the health unit waiting area so they are on board with the whole experience!

    4. Ahh, okay! Like I said, I’m not sure my brother is really giving them an option, more like he’s feeling out how they feel about the experience. Their situation was different. My mom, dad, husband, and I all got the vaccine the moment we could. My brother waited for ages. I think he felt….almost inconvenienced by the whole process? He works alone and sticks to himself socially, but he also has four kids in school, so it was an odd thing. He finally did it. Then, we were all waiting with baited breath for my sister-in-law to get it. She also works alone. She was stubborn about the vaccine in a way; she doesn’t like to be told what to do, and I think there is a whole history there that has made her that was that is not her fault. However, when we visited in October we found out she was fully vaccinated now but hadn’t told anyone what she was up to. So, I can see how Pearl and Rose are already prepared and excited vs. what my brother’s kids may be feeling. Every time I think about my brother and sister-in-law being vaccinated now, I can’t stop smiling.

    5. That makes sense. My feeling is that we’ve only presented vaccines as a positive thing to our kids so to ask their opinion would probably confuse them more than anything. If they were older, I would definitely try to have a more nuanced conversation with them. We have a few people around us who have been reluctant to get vaccinated. Some have chosen to recently and some still refuse. Some people were convinced with the vaccine mandates because being unvaccinated become more inconvenient whereas others seem to have been really pushed further away by the mandates. I’m glad your brother and sister-in-law decided to get vaccinated. I feel really fortunate that amongst my direct family members there was no hesitation but I know for many families it’s been more complicated.

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